Capital Municipality announced that it has opened a garbage bags service center and update subscribers' accounts at Lulu Shopping Centre, starting from Sunday 12 July 2020.

The Capital Municipality said that the center said that the center shall provide excellent services to citizens and residents alike that make it easier for customers to benefit from the municipal services.

The municipal stated that the new center will have more space and close parking, and it will provide an update of the subscriber accounts data that required, indicating that it is in the process of providing online electronic services in the next stage.

It also pointed out that the municipal receives 400 requests on daily basis, more than 10,500 requests per month, and 65 thousand requests were provided in the period from January to June 2020, explaining that garbage bags are a free service provided by the municipality for houses owners, or Bahraini families who live in rental housing.

The municipality stated that it is currently distributing bags with different specifications that are environment friendly and at a higher cost than the cost of the previous bags, which affected the quantities at the distribution offices, so it calls on citizens and residents in the capital governorate to cooperate in the current period in receiving one pack of bags per month until this delay solved.