Two Bahraini sailors managed to save a whale shark which is a rare type of fish. This went viral and received massive comments. 

The rescuers,  who posted photos and videos of the rescued whale shark on their accounts on social media that was found in north sea waters of Bahrain, commented that he doubted that the whale shark was dead. Then, they continued, they were happy to see the fish alive. They explained that after playing with the whale shark, locally known as Deeba” in the waters they carried it and delivered it to the environment authorities. They commented that he hoped that official concerned authorities would do the needful for the shark fish. 

The whale shark is a species of peaceful shark with despite its large size and does not pose a danger to humans. It is gentle with divers and swimmers and can swim with it without risk. However, it is possible that some people get hurt when being accidentally hit by its tail as it tends to protect itself when it is touched. 

It is found in tropical and warm oceans and lives in open seas, and may live up to 70 years.