Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, issued an edict on using electronic systems and applications to monitor the implementation of rehabilitation and training programs for convicts benefiting from alternative punishment remotely.

Under the edict, the party implementing the rehabilitation and training programs shall use electronic systems or applications that ensure live high-quality audio-visual broadcasting of the content of the program.

The electronic system or application must have been approved by the Interior Ministry (MoI )’s Directorate of Verdicts Implementation.

The edict also stipulates that the party in charge of the distant implementation of the program shall coordinate with the MoI’s Directorate of Verdicts Implementation to agree on the electronic system or application to be used.

The systems or apps to be used shall provide information about the convicts' participation in the programs, as well as their discipline.

They will also notify the beneficiaries from the alternative punishment about the dates of on-line lectures.

The electronic systems and apps shall submit periodic reports to the MoI’s Directorate of Verdicts Implementation on the convicts ’commitment to the programs.