“All local markets are ready for Eid Al-Adaha 2020,” confirmed Head of the Food Wealth Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Khalid Ali Al-Amin, to the media.

He noted that markets had an abundant supply of basic commodities at affordable prices. He assured that meat markets were ready to receive consumers with large quantities. 

Al-Amin excluded any shortage of any food commodity, thanks to the availability of a strategic stockpile of basic materials and the precautionary measures to prevent any shortage.

He explained that points of sale, stores, and supermarkets, were ready with an abundant offer at for all kinds of rice, frying oils, legumes, flour, milk and dairy products and cheeses, thanks to a large number of suppliers and the diversity of sources. 

The Head of the Food Wealth Committee at the BCCI pointed out that the markets were preparing for the Eid nearly a week ago. He expected moderate purchasing. 

He stressed that there were sufficient quantities of red meat in the market, especially since many suppliers and meat companies imported live sheep and cows in preparation for the Eid season.