A Saudi Arabian doctor has tested positive for coronavirus after treating 513 COVID-19 patients, according to local media reports.

Dr. Nezar Bahabri, an epidemiologist and infection control consultant, was reportedly admitted to the hospital for treatment after fighting a fever for five days.

“My health is overall good, but my temperature had not decreased for five days and therefore I am now undergoing treatment in a hospital,” he told local media.

The Saudi doctor gained popularity during the pandemic due to his television and social media appearances to raise awareness of the new coronavirus and share various medical advice.

Well wishes for Bahbari poured in on Twitter as the news of his hospitalization surfaced.

Member of the Shura Council and Secretary General of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue and Professor of Sociology Dr. Abdullah al-Fozan described Bahbari as a person with a “cheerful face” who comforted and reassured people during the pandemic.

“Dr. Nizar Bahbari, with his cheerful face and his comfort, reassured the viewers, cultivated optimism in them and dealt with a number of people who were infected with the coronavirus,” al-Fozan wrote on his official Twitter account. “Oh God, as he reassured us and made us easy, reassure his heart and our hearts with his recovery sooner rather than later.”

Saudi Arabia has the recorded 268,934 cases as of July 27 – the highest in the GCC region – but has seen an 83 percent recovery rate. The death toll has reached 2,760.