Royal Humanitarian (RHF) Secretary General Dr. Mustafa Al Sayed signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chairman of the Board of Mattar Jewelers, Ibrahim Mattar, to design and create jewelry with natural Bahraini pearls known internationally for their quality and beauty.

Under the agreement, some of the proceeds from the production will be allocated to educate the RHF's children and to contribute to the education of Bahrain's orphans within the educational care provided by the foundation.

Al Sayed expressed appreciation to Ibrahim Matar for the societal partnership and the outstanding contribution to providing education for the foundation's children.

He stressed that Mattaer Jewelers always and readily provided care and assistance in the service of Bahraini families.

Al Sayed expressed hope other companies would emulate their example and cooperate in humanitarian work.

Mattar said he was pleased that Mattar Jewelers and RHF could cooperate on a 100% Bahraini product that has a close connection to Bahrain, the country of distinctive natural pearls.

"This is a golden opportunity as we have been allowed by the foundation to participate, even with a simple thing, in the education of children. It is our good fortune that our cooperation is launched during these auspicious days ahead of Eid Al Adha," he said.