According to the directives of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Mr. Zayed Al Zayani, the ministry intensified supervision and ensured the availability of basic commodities and products of foodstuffs, fruits and vegetables in the markets, in addition to preventing the exploitation.

This comes within the preparation for the occasion of Eid Al-Adha protecting the prices from manipulation as the Inspection Department conducted campaigns in the central markets of the capital, Manama.

Al-Ashraf, stressed that the department has an active presence on a daily basis in the central markets during the past months during the offload of vegetables and fruits in the early morning hours, where the prices of various goods and their availability are monitored, and the market movement is observed in general. 

Al-Ashraf added, in the occasion of Eid Al-Adha nearing, the demand for food products, vegetables and fruits in particular increases, and based on the continuous and joint coordination with the Capital Secretariat we have intensified control visits and increased the number of inspection staff to inspect the central markets more than before in preparation for this occasion.

He also emphasized that the Bahraini market enjoys a high degree of stability in offering fruit and vegetable products, despite the current situation of (COVID-19), stressing that the ministry is working continuously and overcoming the obstacles that prevent the merchants from supplying the commodities and offering them in full flow in the Kingdom’s markets.

The Ministry stressed that citizens and residents can communicate with the Inspection Department or the Consumer Protection Department for any complaints or violations and that is through contacting the Ministry's Communications Center at 80001700 or through the National application for Suggestions and Complaints “Tawasul”.