The livestock sector in the local markets witnessed a great regaining due to Eid Al-Adha season and the high demand for sacred slaughters, which increased the percentage of sales by 100%. This comes after the suspension of Hajj pilgrimage this year due to the spread of (COVID-19), which contributed to an increase in the price of livestock by 15 to 20% due to the closure of airports and imports disruptions, in addition to costs for electricity, water and rentals.

Mahmood Albaqali, a butcher said, “We started preparations for Eid al-Adha several months ago by purchasing 5 thousand livestock, different types of them, cows, and calves from Somalia, Jordan, and Oman”.

Livestock dealers emphasized that health precautions are provided in farms for the safety of customers, pointing out that doctors are available at the slaughterhouse to maintain the cleanliness and safety of livestock when slaughtering.