Al-Fateh Grand Mosque Imam, Shaikh Adnan bin Abdulla Al-Qattan, has urged commitment to the health guidelines issued by the relevant authorities, as the best means to protect the health and safety of everyone, stressing the importance of confidence in those precautionary measures as they fall within the framework of the principle of “adopting means to reach an end” called for by the Islamic Sharia.

Speaking during Eid Al-Adha and Friday sermons, he indicated that good and evil are affiliations, and that true believers place their trust in Allah the Almighty, noting that epidemics and diseases will disappear and joy and happiness will return.

He stressed the need not to be affected by rumours and inaccurate news posted on social media, warning against believing in them or reposting them.

Shaikh Al-Qattan said that communication among friends and relatives should be through the available electronic means to achieve social distancing and stay at home, except for limited purposes, during the current exceptional circumstances created by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

He affirmed that the Islamic Sharia and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) urge adopting means to reach an end, calling for supplicating to Allah the Almighty to lift the pandemic.