“The Municipalities Affairs stopped receiving any cash amounts for municipal fees starting from last April,” stated the Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, Eng. Esam bin Abdullah Khalaf, to the media. 

He explained that the number of transactions made through the national platform for electronic payment (NPA) amounted to (6,572) and through the Information and E-Government Authority or via the payment platform SADAD reached (6,878) since the ministry implemented the decision in April. 

Khalaf said that canceling the cash payment and converting them into electronic came within the direction of the government in converting government transactions into electronic transactions in a way that facilitates the process of transactions. 

He confirmed that one of the most important goals of this decision was to reduce the need for personal presence. The step, he added, would provide the customer with the advantage of payment from anywhere and at any time and obtain proof of payment process electronically which, he noted, was a step that supports converting government transactions into electronic transactions that are easy and easy for customers.