Unlike it was expected, amounts of shrimps were too little in the markets after shrimp-fishing was officially allowed on the 1st of August. This went viral and received massive angry comments from the public and fishermen. 

Fish sellers and fishermen assured that the prices of shrimps were not 800 fils per kilogram as it was rumored. They said that the price of one kilogram of shrimps varied between BD2.500 and BD3 depending on the size. 

They confirmed that the market is experiencing a shortage of fish. Some of them stated that it was due to Eid holidays and very hot weather.

It is noteworthy that the Agriculture and Marine Resources Agency at the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning announced the ban of the shrimp-fishing would end on 31st of July. It added that the decision came in line with Resolution No. (18) for the year 2020 regarding the ban on fishing, trade or sell shrimp, from February 1 to July 31, 2020.

The ban-lifting decision, it pointed out, does not mean allowing shrimp fishing in illegal ways that violates Resolution No. (205) for the year 2018 regarding the ban on fishing by the bottom trawl in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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