“The territorial waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain are generally safe and not contaminated,” the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) affirmed to Albilad Newspaper. 

The council noted that all territorial waters were safe except for some limited sites on the east coast located near the estuaries of some industrial facilities.

The council pointed out that 1100 analyzing tests were conducted on water and marine sediment samples in 13 visits to the marine environment within its control program to monitor Bahrain’s territorial waters. 

The Supreme Council for Environment noted that Tubli Bay is subject to a monitoring program to monitor the quality of the marine environment and its physical and chemical properties. Tubli Bay, they added, was a special case as a result of the continuous discharge of partially treated wastewater from the Tubli wastewater treatment plant. They explained that during the past year, four visits were made during which 44 water samples were collected, under which 891 analyzes were carried out.

The council stressed that the results of those samples indicated that the concentrations of pollutants rise near the station and that the council, along with the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, were exploring the best ways to deal with that matter.