PM Masooma Abdul Rahim submitted a proposal with a desire to include a decision to ban work at noon for all fuel stations with partial closure for 4 hours to protect workers from direct exposure to sunlight in July and August of each year.

Dr. Masooma based her proposal in accordance with the provisions of Resolution No. 3 of 2013 regarding banning working hours in the noon time in open spaces, which falls under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development between 12 noon and four in the afternoon during the in July and August of each year.

She explained that making a decision to include fuel stations is a necessity to protect their workers from being exposed to the heat in the peak period, as they must partially close the stations in order to preserve the safety of workers and protect them from any dangers that may threaten their lives.

She pointed out that work must be done to amend the third article of the decision in a way that to be compatible with preserving the rights of workers, setting the necessary controls towards implementing it in a practical way, accordingly.