“The plastic products will be available in the usual quantities, whether manufactured locally or imported from abroad,” stated CEO of the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE), Dr. Mohamed Mubarak Ben Dayna, to the media. 

He emphasized that all national companies are able to manufacture biodegradable plastic specifications and standards referred to in Ministerial Resolution No. 11 of 2019 to issue the technical regulations for plastic products. He noted that there would be no negative impact on plastic products' availability in the markets

The statement came to assure all following the decision to ban importing and manufacturing of non-degradable plastic by the SCE. 

Dr. Ben Dayna stressed that what the Kingdom of Bahrain has achieved so far in reducing plastic pollution by applying the decision of ban on non-degradable plastic was an important turning point in the field of environmental preservation. 

He noted that the work was still ongoing to include all aspects related to non-degradable plastic products by issuing decisions and implementing initiatives.

He pointed out that in cooperation with officials in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has contributed to overcoming the difficulties and challenges facing the supplying companies. 

The CEO of the Supreme Council for Environment pointed out that the licensing mechanism for the supply of plastic products to the local market has become clear to all companies after the application of the first stage, which included shopping bags, garbage bags, automatic wash baskets for clothes and bags of vegetables and fruits.

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