After two of frontline personnel tested positive for Covid-19 the Philippine embassy in Bahrain announced the closure last night.

In an advisory, the embassy stated that the premises would be closed from Thursday, 06 August until further notice. Two of the Embassy’s frontline personnel tested positive for Covid-19 while another personnel had close contact with a person who tested positive.

In view of this, the embassy will be disinfected and its personnel will undergo a 14-day self-quarantine, in compliance with the health precautionary measure of the kingdom of Bahrain against the spread of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Filipino nationals who had confirmed appointment for passport renewal and other consular services will be informed by telephone or email of their new schedule.

The Ministry of Health has reiterated that the early detection of active cases provides quicker isolation, treatment and recovery response, as well as reducing the number of cases flagged by contact tracing efforts.​

The public has been urged to call 444 immediately if they are experiencing severe symptoms emphasized, Col. Manaf Al Qahtani, Infectious Disease Consultant & Microbiologist at the BDF Hospital and member of the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“I urge everyone to keep in mind personal hygiene be it washing hands, social distancing if you know anyone with symptoms it is best to stay away from them. If anybody has symptoms they are urged to call 444 and also it is very important to wear face masks. With the cooperation of each individual we can reduce the cases of COVID-19,” said Dr Jameela Al Salman-Consultant of Infectious and Internal Diseases at Salmaniya Medical complex earlier at a press conference.