Private schools have begun circulating electronic forms for parents; to give them a choice between sending their children to school or doing their classes "remotely" on online classes, for the next academic year 2020-2021, which is scheduled to start next September.

In letters sent to parents, schools said that attendance would be reduced to 3 hours only, and some schools limited it to 4 hours, provided that education is limited to basic school subjects and the teaching of many subjects such as sports and music is canceled, in addition to canceling all student activities and the morning break.

Some schools explained that they are preparing for major health precautionary measures in terms of achieving the requirements of social distancing, the most prominent of which is placing glass barriers on all study tables, in addition to reducing the number of students in the class to less than 12 students, and some schools have limited it to 9 students only, and the distance between Each table and the other will be two meters, according to the health requirements.