A husband discovered that his wife had been spying on him for 9 months by having a copy of his “WhatsApp”, this is according to Saudi gazette “Okaz”. 

Details of the story, according to the Saudi newspaper, indicated that the husband, a Saudi citizen, discovered a few days ago that his wife had succeeded in having a copy of his WhatsApp on her mobile. This, the newspaper added, allowed her to receive a copy of every conversation her husband received for over nine months. 

The husband stated that he considered it a criminal act and he was studying to take legal actions against his wife. His wife, on the other hand, refused to talk about the incident. She just said that she demanded a divorce.

A legal advisor commented that the wife’s act, copying her husband’s WhatsApp without his knowledge and spying on him, was a full-fledged information crime. He added that according to Article 3 of the Information Crimes Law in Saudi Arabia, the penalty would be one-year imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 riyals (BD50,000).