The Shura Council will discuss, in its next session, its services committee’s decision to reject the amendment of a draft law on the regulation of the labor market submitted by the former House of Representatives (Parliament). The amendment of a draft law requested determination of age limits (maximum 50  years) for expatriate workers to ensure their efficiency, being free of diseases before being brought to work in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The services committee justified its rejection that the proposed amendment would raise some practical difficulties while being applied and might impede investors’ businesses.

“The number of Bahrain embassies abroad and their geographical distribution does not cover the countries that constitute the total number of expatriates to the Kingdom. This will increase the financial burden of recruitment incurred by the employer in case of remote place of residence of the workers from the place of the embassy or its consulate in the workers’ home country,” the committee stated.

“There is joint cooperation between the interior ministries in all GCC countries, and a unified circulation and names lists are unwanted enter into the Kingdom of Bahrain or any of the GCC countries,” the committee continued.

The committee pointed out that the draft law contradicts with the general policy of the kingdom and its economic vision, which works to encourage and attract investment, create an attractive environment, and simplify the procedures for importing foreign workers. The proposed amendment would, the committee said, which negatively affects the national economy if agreed upon.