In an interview to CNN, Bill Gates congratulated Roger Federer on all the success that his Foundation is getting in charity. 'Hi Roger, this is Bill Gates. Congratulations on the 15th year of your Foundation, it's doing an amazing work in Africa helping the kids who need education.

You should be very proud and keep it up', said Gates, who played two doubles charity matches with the Swiss and they are set to reunite together next year for the Match for Africa in Japan. Roger's mother, Lynette Federer, said: 'I am so proud of Roger starting his Foundation 15 years ago at the age of 22. And reaching the goal of helping one million children by 2018. This is truly an amazing accomplishment.'

Meanwhile, the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation Janine Handel spoke about the big amount of work that they do.

It seems that it's never enough considering Africa's potential. 'I see the glass half full than half empty. Every visit I go to these villages, I come home fully awarded with all these big major progress and developments I can see on the ground.

The same to Roger. And there you easily forget how long the journey still needs to be until we arrive at the level of quality of education which you might compare with Switzerland. But working in Africa is much easier, quicker and dynamic to reach an impact as it is of course in Switzerland', said Handel.