Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Fawzia bint Abdulla Zainal, has expressed her appreciation of the Arab Parliament’s solidarity with the Kingdom of Bahrain, and rejection of foreign interference into its internal affairs.

The speaker asserted that the Arab Parliament’s supportive stances towards Bahrain affirms the Arab peoples’ common destiny and reflects the extent of complementarity and cohesion among them, noting that the destiny of Bahrain and that of other Arab countries are indivisible.

Zainal lauded the Arab Parliament’s unanimous adoption of a resolution affirming its full support for Arab countries that had suffered terrorist actions or are fighting terrorism and terrorist organisations.

She noted that the Arab Parliament had reiterated its full support for the kingdom in countering sectarian agendas and the Iran-backed armed terrorist groups, as well as in facing attempts to interfere into its internal affairs.

The speaker added that the Arab Parliament’s commendable efforts to champion the Arab Nation’s causes, defend Arab countries’ sovereignty and counter efforts to tamper with the Arab peoples’ unity are appreciated by all they segments of the Bahraini society.

In this regard, she lauded the efforts exerted by the Arab Parliament Speaker, Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami, to serve Arab countries, defend Arab peoples and counter all conspiracies targeting the security and unity of Arab states and their peoples.