Got a tubby cat? A smart treadmill, displayed at CES 2019, might just help your feline get on a fitness program this year. That is, if you have $1,800 to shell out.

Korean startup Pet Ding’s The Little Cat is an IoT-based exercise machine designed with LED lights to coax your chubby kitty into taking a walk (or run) for better fitness.



The app-controlled device lets users set fitness goals, or a time each day, analyze exercise data, and even lets pet owners check on their pet’s activity when they’re away from home, and give encouragement through recorded voice messages.

The Little Cat automatically calculates the cat’s body-mass index and can customize the speed based on a cat’s needs.

The device’s auto mode can “provide the ideal workout program for your cat, and manage workout patterns.”

The actual treadmill is lined with a changeable anti-slip, stain-proof pads, and users can also change colors of the LED lights.

The Little Cat comes in four jewel-themed colors, and is scheduled to be released later this year (most likely in Spring 2019).