Head of Finance and Legal Committee at the Northern Municipal Council, Zeina Jassim, told “Albilad” that the committee is considering a proposal for a mechanism to maintain public parks.

“This mechanism, if approved, will be directed to large public parks in the governorate but not the beaches. The committee took into account not to impose entry fees for public parks,” Jassim pointed out. This mechanism, which is on the council’s discussion table, does not necessarily include entry fees to public parks as the objective is to maintain facilities. If the discussion ended up to impose entry fees, it will be for foreigners only and not citizens,” Jassim explained.

Zeina Jassim added that this mechanism will address public utilities vandalism phenomenon and exploiting public utilities to practice incorrect  habits that cause disturbance to people and visitors to these parks and gardens.

This comes at a time when the Director General of the northern region’s municipality, Lamiya Al-Fadhala, who revealed that the municipality is studying to impose entry fees, range from 300 to 500 fils, on a number of public utilities in the northern governorate. The study, she stated, aims to provide financial resources for the optimal maintenance and management of its facilities.

Al-Fadhala pointed out that frequent complaints were received regarding need to maintain facilities of public utilities despite the large budgets spent on their maintenance. Imposing small fees would not cover its operational cost, but would contribute to the provision of such budgets which, she assured, is applied in many countries.