Parents received a letter from a private school’s administration informing them that the school intends to increase its fees for the academic year 2019-2020 due to the imposing the 5% Value Added Tax (VAT). Parents assured that this was the third time the school raises its fees in just two years.

The letter cited five reasons for raising its fees, on top came imposing the 5% VAT which, the school stated, led to higher prices and an increase in the salaries of teachers in line with the cost of living.

Among the reasons, the school added, were the high costs of training and the high salaries of higher-level teachers to meet international certification requirements as well as the high costs of training and qualifying teachers according to the requirements of the CIS.

On their part, parents said that these reasons did not justify the increase in fees. They stressed that they training teachers and obtaining international certificates were not among their responsibilities. They said that it was purely the school’s responsibility to hire qualified educational staff in line with the quality requirements.

One of the parents stated “The decision came with the current circumstances of the economic situation in the country and the imposition of VAT. We are not responsible for the installation of new CCTV cameras for the school or for the maintenance of the building,” they said.

They called upon the private education sector at the Ministry of Education to be fair in this issue and to parents.“This will put more expenses on our shoulders more than our income and monthly obligations, especially when parents have more than one student at the school,” they concluded.