Municipality of the Southern Governorate carried out a large campaign to remove road occupancy violations in the Riffa market and surrounding areas. This campaign, carried out by the Licensing Supervision and Inspection Department at the municipality, followed a previous campaign during which goods were confiscated in places that are outside the entities’ specified show area.

A number of materials and second-hand electrical and electronic appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, construction equipment and iron rods that obstruct the vision and cause confusion for shoppers and drivers have been confiscated.

In this regard, Head of Licensing Supervision and Inspection Department, Eng. Maryam Al-Siddiqi, confirmed that according to the plan that was drawn up by the municipality, campaigns were intensified to extend the system and activate the municipal laws and regulations on violators of shop owners who exploit the areas in front of them to display goods and repair electrical and electronic appliances.

“These spaces in fact are a public property as they are streets or roads used by everyone during the movement from one place to another. These shops don’t have the right to exploit these spaces for other purposes,” Al-Siddiqi pointed out.

Al-Siddiqi stressed on the need to respect the municipal laws and comply with the notices of the department to correct the irregularities so as not to take administrative action to remove them. She pointed out that there is cooperation marked by everyone.