The Information and e-Government Authority (iGA) has submitted the first identity card (ID) to the father of ‘Sultan’, the first Bahraini new born baby to receive such a developed ID card within the first phase which is restricted to the 2019 newl-born citizens only.

Director of Identity and Population Registry at the iGA, Shaikh Sabah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, received the father of the new born and handed over to him the ID of his son, extending to him his best wishes on the occasion.

Earlier this month, iGA announced the launch of a newly-upgraded ID card which was developed in terms of its technical and external appearance, ensuring that it is up to date with the latest international technologies and complies with the international standards.

The new ID card resists damage, includes clear information and a new field for people with special needs.

The ID card launch will be implemented in two phases. In the first phase, newly-born citizens will be issued the new card while in the second phase, the remaining citizens and residents will have their ID cards replaced with the new ID card.

In the meantime, citizens and residents can continue using the existing cards.