Google Maps is making its speed limit signs more accessible for drivers across the U.S.

On Wednesday, Google Maps users in Los Angeles, New York City, and Minnesota spotted the speed limit feature on their smartphones, Android Police reported. The feature, which was introduced in 2017, was previously only working in two metropolitan areas: Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco.



The speed limit feature is easy to see: It appears on the left side of users’ smartphone screens, so they’ll be alerted right away if they have to drive faster or slower on their trip. Google Maps also notifies drivers how long it will take if they choose another route. For example, if a driver decides to make a right turn, Google Maps will say “8 min slower” or “2 min slower” if their directions change.

It’s unknown if Google is rolling out the speed limit feature in more destinations, however, Google Maps has recently received more updates, Engadget reported. In November, Google Maps conducted a speed traps test, which will help it improve car incident evaluations in the future. Last year, Google Maps also added EV charging station information for electric car drivers, so they can juice up their vehicles on the go.