Al-Mabarrah Al-Khalifia Foundation (MKF) signed an agreement with Tamkeen to support a number of programmes designated for enhancing the skills of the Bahraini youth and preparing them to embark on their careers.

The agreement is entered into by the two entities for the 3rd consecutive year, stressing the Foundation’s vital role in supporting its students through “Rayaat” Scholarships Programme, as well as training youth within the “Ithra’a Youth Enrichment Programme, which is being supported by Tamkeen for the first time.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, HRH Shaikha Zain bint Khalid Al Khalifa, Chairperson of Al-Mabarrah Al-Khalifia Foundation, said: “We express utmost appreciation towards Tamkeen’s continuous support of the Foundation’s programmes that aim to support the Bahraini Youth, and for generously offering every possible opportunity of growth and development for them, enabling them to effectively compete on an international scale, and embodying the very same objectives we have set to achieve for our students.”

MKF has offered until now more than 270 scholarships for students, enrolling them in different programmes, according to each individual’s natural orientations, capabilities and skills, while taking into consideration labour market needs and Economic Vision 2030. We look forward to further cooperation with Tamkeen in the future, aiming towards the creation of a generation of powerful, skillful and efficient youth to lead the development of the Kingdom of Bahrain.”, added HRH Shaikha Zain.

Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Chief Executive of Labour Fund Tamkeen, stressed the importance of partnerships between different local parties to create more opportunities for Bahraini youth.

"Our partnership with Al-Mabarah Al-Khalifa Foundation continues for the third year aiming at supporting Bahraini youth and developing their professional and leadership competencies alongside with their academic progression, to increase their ability to compete in the labour market whether they choose to become employees or to take the path of entrepreneurship."

Having a closer look at the programmes, “Rayaat” programme offers training sessions and workshops that aim to reinforce self-esteem, develop self-assertion, and enhance speaking, management and communication skills, with a focus on English fluency, giving students a good platform to engage in the market and fulfill their roles.

Among the certificates sponsored by Tamkeen is the English Proficiency Certification offered by Berlitz Language Centre  Bahrain, and a Photoshop course offered by Training Plus Institute, besides efficiency and basic skills assessment. Other supported courses include time management and presentation skills offered by BIBF, and also advance First Aid course offered by the General Directorate of Civil Defence and Bahrain Red Crescent Society. Tamkeen’s support will include more courses on effective team building, vocational protocol, and leading high performance teams, offered by Golden Trust Institute.

It is worth mentioning that “Rayaat” Programme, launched in 2011, offers scholarships for students to enroll in any of the accredited universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is packed with other benefits, among which are incentives, workshops, and training opportunities in both the public and private sectors. “Rayaat” will also contribute to boosting a culture of social responsibility by fostering volunteering and social participation among students, within an encouraging and supportive environment.

As for the “Ithra’a” Youth Enrichment Programme, Al-Mabarrah Al-Khalifia Foundation is undertaking the release of the second edition of the Programme in February under the slogan: “To Live is to Give”, which aims to embed the culture of giving within the youth through self-discovery and fulfillment of personal aims, with the inclusion of promoting volunteering within the community.

The programme will include the participation of more than 90 members aged between 14-15 years who will be mentored by university students that have received prior training supported by “Tamkeen”.