Issuance of transit permits for tourist buses will be transferred to King Fahad Causeway’s Authority starting from next Sunday (27th January 2019), according to a circular issued today by the Facilities and Services Department at the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA).

BTEA stated that this decision was taken in order to facilitate procedures of the international tourist transport companies in the Kingdom.

BTEA officials also stated that this new approach comes to promote and improve tourism transport sector in the Kingdom and to facilitate procedures taken as it will save time and effort.

They explained that in accordance with the new decision, the buses can obtain a permit directly from the causeway. “Buses have to provide a statement of passengers’ information and their destination as well as copy of the license and the licensee according to the formal form,” officials stated noting that the BTEA will stop issuing such permits as of next Sunday (27th January 2019).

They added that the BTEA is always looking forward to overcoming any difficulties facing the tourism sector which considered a vital sector.

For his part, MP Ahmed Al-Demestani valued the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Zayed Rashid Al-Zayani’s efforts in facilitating and overcoming obstacles. He lauded the minister’s rapid and positive movement in order to overcome the difficulties facing the work flow of the tourist and land transport companies. A large number of the owners of the land transport companies thanked the Minister for his great understanding and quick response to their urgent need to implement this resolution which would facilitate the work of all road transport companies in Bahrain.