More than 350 people participated in a medical camp that was conducted at Al Hilal Multi-speciality clinic in Salmabad. Recognizing the need to reach out to low-income expat workers, organizers “Lal Cares – Bahrain Unit” set up a free of cost mega medical camp.

Jagath Krishnakumar“In Salmabad what we noticed was that there are many low-income expat workers who can barely even afford or do not have the means of transportation to go to medical camps. Keeping this in mind we wanted to reach out to low-income expats and provide them with a chance to do a check-up. We did get a good response from people from different communities” said coordinator Jagath Krishnakumar to Albilad.

“The reason why we decided to do take such an initiative here was that in this area we don’t hear about a lot of major medical camps have been held. Regular medical checkups are conducted in various other areas but fewer here. Many people are given transportation from their accommodations for a monthly or regular checkup to other areas in Bahrain” he added.

When asked about the feedback received from the people he said “Many of them were pleased to have their check-ups done as they also voiced their concerns that they weren’t able to do it on a regular basis as required. So we had conveyed that in the future we do plan to conduct such initiatives to help this part of the community”.

The group apart from this initiative have been recognized in the community for lending financial aids to many distressed families in the community.