The Indian community was encouraged to be united and help in rebuilding India, which was emphasized by Lok Sabha Member of Parliament for the Malappuram constituency of Kerala P. K. Kunhalikutty. He spoke on the concept that as countries around the world developed so should India. As part of the years of serving the community, the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC)  hosted its 40th-year celebration on the 25th January at Al Raja School.

He also applauded the kingdom of Bahrain and the support that they have lent to the Indian community in Bahrain.

“We are always proud to say that we are from here as we have considered Bahrain as our second home. Whenever I come to Bahrain, I still feel like I am in my own place because we do what we like such is the freedom that we enjoy here. KMCC’s intention has been charity and reaching out to the public. This is a great community organization that is celebrating their 40 years in Bahrain” said .P. K. Kunhalikutty who inaugurated the event in the presence of other dignatories.

Being one of the largest community organizations in Bahrain, the group has tremendously worked for many initiatives and to help the expat community in several ways such as lending aid for marriage, people suffering from illnesses, drinking water, pensions for widows, education fund and much more.

The event also witnessed several cultural performances such as folk dance, songs and so on.