The National Bureau for Revenue (NBR) announced five educational services that are VAT-Free in the education sector. According to an info-graphic posted on NBR’s official Instagram account, educational services (provided by kindergartens, pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher educational institutions) student accommodation (provided by educational institutions) subscription, application and administration fees, activities and trips (related to the curriculum) and printed and electronic books.

On a relevant level, a total of 74 representatives from 60 licensed private schools attended a workshop held by the NBR. The workshop aims at increasing VAT awareness among private schools. The workshop also outlined the correct invoicing and filing practices to ensure the correct application of the VAT.

The NBR highlighted the VAT treatment of goods and services that are directly related to the supply of education, emphasizing that certain goods and services are not subject to the standard 5% VAT rate to further advance access to essential services. The NBR concluded by affirming its commitment to continue organizing workshops that increase public and private stakeholders’ awareness regarding the treatment of the VAT across all sectors in addition to advancing public-private cooperation.