The Ministry of transportation and Communications has completed installed high-quality solar panels on the roofs of a number of newly constructed bus stops. The purpose of installing these solar panels and other solar storage systems is to make the most of the abundant solar energy in the Kingdom to produce electricity at a lower cost while reducing dependence on fossil fuels and thus reduce emissions harmful to the environment.

Assistant Undersecretary for Land Transport at the ministry, Nada Yousif, stated that contract was awarded and signed with “Intergreen Technology” which, they assured, a company specialized in producing and generating electric power through solar energy.

“We have been coordinating with officials of the Sustainable Energy Unit and other relevant bodies to install these panels as a first step on thirty-two bus stations for generating electric power that can be utilized in lighting stations and as Ads panels as well as screens showing bus arrival times that will be installed as a next step,” she pointed out.

“The project comes in line with Bahrain’s Vision 2030 and the pursuit of sustainable development and encouraging the use of clean and renewable energy. As well as using natural resources to generate electricity and preserve the environment. It is part of the ministry’s strategic plans to implement renewable energy projects to achieve national goals and its constant interest in improving and developing facilities of public transport services in the Kingdom,” she concluded.