The criminal court convicted two Asian defendants, 29 years old and 44 years old, for detaining an Asian and adding liquor in her drinks for exploitation in prostitution under the threat of death and brutal beating in case of resistance.

And so, they were sentenced each up to 10 years imprisonment and were fined 2000 Dinars. The first accused convict was also fined 50 Dinars for destroying the victim’s personal belongings and forced them to return the victim to her home country, with deportation for all accused suspects, after they serve their sentence.

And the incident started when the first defendant tricked and claimed to provide a legitimate employment opportunity for the victim in the Kingdom of Bahrain. And upon arrival, the former illegally detained her freedom in one of the apartments in the area of Buri and the victim was forced to practice prostitution with different men and was beaten in case of rejection.

In addition, the first accused suspect added liquor to her drinks to lose the victim's consciousness, exploiting her in prostitution, and also broke her cell phone’s SIM card.

She noted that the first accused suspect subsequently managed to sell the victim to the second accused suspect, where he moved her to a number of different apartments in different areas, raped her and forced her to engage in prostitution, and threatened to kill her if not.

However, the victim was able to obtain one of the accused suspects cell phones and called her country’s embassy, forcing the suspects to get rid of her and take her near a hospital where she asked for help.