The Director of Consumer’s Protection Directorate Services at the Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism, Sinan Al-Jabri, explained the trending issue that was dominant recently regarding prices varieties for one product between merchants and others.


Al-Jabri considered it a normal practice giving an example on Drinking Water in a grocery shop which is sold for a 100 fils, and the same bottle of water sold in coffee shops for 500 fils more or less justifying it by comparing the two merchants in terms of operational cost, and how big is difference between them. He pointed out that the best practice for those who do not like the price is to go to the other grocery shops to buy on the lowest rates.


Al-Jabri said that the price variety is a normal practice in an open market which encourages competition among all merchants stressing the consumer’s department’s role in fighting "manipulation" or "fraud” rather than interfering directly in products prices.


This issue remains one of the consumers’ choices and preferences, and whether or not one would rely on smart shopping to avoid unnecessary or other extra expenses.