Abdulrahman Kanoo International School launched their 12th annual charity trip to Tanzania as they seek to continue their journey of passion and giving.

Abdulrahman Kanoo International School’s vision is to teach their students the value of life and lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom; teaching the students to seek happiness from within, giving and getting nothing in return, by launching their annual charity trips that focus on developing countries.

The school not only focuses on donations but also gives the students the opportunity to help, hand in hand, by renovating schools and visiting orphanages, interacting with the individuals in each country and much more. The school gives the students the opportunity to learn skills all on their own, realize that there is much more in life throughout these trips, “for is it in giving that we receive.”

“We left our shoes in Bahrain, brought a new one to Nepal. Yet, we ended up barefoot feeling the sand and life of the country. How blessed are we?” said Ms. Maryam Baslar CAS coordinator about one of the trips.

As the school continues to expand their plans to continue implanting their seed in different soils around the world, where they visited Cambodia in 2015, Mozambique in 2016, Madagascar in 2017, Nepal in 2018, Tanzania in 2019, and other countries in the past.