“Rumors indicating intentions to raise fees are not true, at least at the present time,” the Director General of the King Fahd Causeway, Emad bin Ibrahim Al-Muhaisen, confirmed to various media today.  

“There is a plan to improve services and expand lane in the causeway as it will not be able to cope with the increasing number of passenger and traffic between the two countries after 2031,” Al-Muhaisen assured.

He stressed that the causeway is a strategic option to serve travelling and shipping movement between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

“The General Authority of the causeway has a three-stage development plan for the causeway aiming to keep pace with the increase which is estimated at about 10% annually. The causeway has registered more than 27 million passengers in 2018. A short-term development plan, which is due to be completed this year, aims to double the capacity to 2400 cars per hour,” he explained.  

As for the one-point-procedure system, Al-Muhaisen assured that it is in the final stages. “This system will surely reduce the travel procedures by 50%.  I consider that the success of the causeway’s management by reducing the waiting time of passengers to about an hour is not enough. The goal is to reduce the waiting time to less than an hour,” he stated.

On the other hand, Al-Muhaisen revealed some details about a tourist project in the Saudi and Bahraini sides. “It will include a group of restaurants, an information center and an external terrace. It was stopped for financial reasons related to the contractor in the Saudi side, but the same project will end after three months from now in the Bahraini side,” he concluded.