The Supreme Appeal Court sentenced a Bahraini to 5 years in prison for drug dealing. The court decided a BD3000 fine and ordered to confiscate the seized items in his house.

According to court’s documents, information were received about a suspect possessing narcotics for the purpose of sale and use. Investigations led to the arrest of the suspect after assuring the validity of information.

A 10-gram Chrystal meth bag, 4 rolled cannabis joints, a sensitive electronic scale and some cash were found in the suspect’s house. He was ambushed as an under-cover agent asked him to buy Chrystal meth narchotic worth BD800. As agreed, the suspect showed up in Malkiya area and handed over the narcotics. The photographed amount of money was the major proof against the suspect along with the seized items.

The accused admitted that on March 6, 2018, he had acquired and sold different types of drugs in illegal conditions.