“Various entities and international companies are competing for tenders to build parallel causeway to the King Fahad Causeway that links the two kingdoms,” the Director General of the King Fahd Causeway, Eng. Emad bin Ibrahim Al-Muhaisen, announced to various media today.  

Al-Muhaisen pointed out that the entities, which reached 250, are of local and internationaland included contractors, banks, finance companies and logistic support.

“The project is now in the stage of consultancy studies, as international contractors and financiers were invited several weeks ago to invest in the construction of the causeway. The project included the construction of railways for passengers and goods,” Al-Muhaisen stated.

“The project’s work duration might reach nine years taking all the technical considerations that related to  size of traffic and weights on the new causeway,” he pointed out.

“The only reason that hinders increasing the number of cabins at the Kingd Fahad Causeway in the Bahraini side is the existence of the Gulf cable connections. There are no obstacles in the Saudi side. The Saudi side has the appropriate solutions that can be used in the best time,” he explained.