The Arabian peninsula, including Bahrain, will be affected by an air drop coming from the Mediterranean, sources at the Meteorological Directorate at the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced.

The source stated that according to the latest updates of the weather maps, heavy clouds will begin to intensify gradually from next Saturday and sporadic rain showers are much expected. They stated that climax of the air drop will be next Sunday and Monday with the move of the air drop to east,. This, they said, will help unstable and thunder weather accompanied by high-speed and high waves.

Sources expected this weather to continue until next Tuesday followed with a weather turning into partial cloudiness with north-west winds and low temperature degrees.

The directorate advised citizens and residents, especially those traveling in the sea, to take maximum cautions and precautions during the  period of weather fluctuations and not to go to the sea. They urged to follow the official warnings issued by the directorate through the official channels.