The Animal Health Control Directorate in Bahrain has immediately stopped importing birds from Kuwait as precautionary measures after news spread that birds in Farwaniya Bird Market in Kuwait are infected with “Bird Flu H5N8”. This was announced by the Director of the Animal Health Control at the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, Dr. Ibrahim Yousef.

On a relevant level, reliable sources stated in various media that Bahrain is clear of any case of “Bird Flu H5N8” as no case was recorded after a survey.

“Issuance of any license to import birds from Kuwait has been suspended and all import permits issued prior to the spread of “Bird Flu” news have been canceled and their owners have been informed of the decision. All those involved in the veterinary quarries at all land and sea ports were stressed with strict supervision,” he stated.

He added that a team was set up to carry out surveys in bird shops, markets and migratory birds’ sites in the Kingdom of Bahrain. “Poultry farms were directed to raise the level of safety and security. The directorate informed officials at the Al-Areen Reserve” to take maximum precautions and collect random samples from some birds entering the reserve for the necessary tests to ensure its safety,” He explained.

Dr. Yousef stressed Animal Health Control is in touch with the concerned public health department in the Ministry of Health to coordinate and cooperate in this area in order to prevent transmission of the disease to Bahrain. “The Department of Animal Health and Control is the first defense line in the Kingdom to prevent the spread of any disease among birds, and prioritize the health of birds and animals coming to Bahrain for the safety of citizens and residents and livestock,” he concluded.