A huge campaign against street vendors’ violations was carried out in the southern governorate in general and in the area behind “Alba” in particular. The campaign, which was carried out upon complaints received regarding illegal presence of street vendors, was conducted by the Southern Area’s Municipality in cooperation with the Southern Governorate Police.

Official assured that they noted the decline in the number of violators which, they stated, indicates the effectiveness of these campaigns. “The measures taken against this category of street vendors who do not hesitate to sell food that is not suitable for human consumption. Some of them prepare food in a car without taking into consideration health requirements. The municipality has allegedly confiscated food and cars to prevent them from practicing their unlicensed activity,” an official pointed out.

“The area’s municipality affirms that it will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone engaging in activities that violate the municipal requirements and regulations. Especially those harming the safety of citizens and residents and endangering their health,” officials added calling for compliance with regulations and conducting commercial activities after obtaining the necessary authorization from the relevant authorities in the Kingdom.