As we entered into the second month of this year, five suicides have already been reported so far with Prabha Subramaniyan being the fifth victim. The year 2018 saw over 35 foreigners who have been known to have taken their own life. Out of these, most of them were reported to have either family problems or financial issues that they pushed them over the edge.

A group of youngsters have decided to help spread awareness about this rising phenomenon. The Indian Youth Cultural Congress (IYCC) youth arts wing will be releasing a short film titled ‘True Love’. The short film scripted and directed by Dhaneesh M Pillai depicts the lives of many expatriates in Bahrain played by actor Jithin Pariyaram.

“Although those who commit suicides are from different age groups, the reason behind why they resort to such drastic measures are often similar. Keeping that in mind is how the concept behind the story is weaved” said Dhaneesh to the media.

The film was shot in various places in Bahrain and features many expats who have actively participated in this short film. The assistant director is R Vinod Attingal, Camera by Jithin Thomas, Music by Shibin Sidhiq and film co-ordinator-Sunil Kumar

Experts who had spoken to Albilad had reported that initiatives should be intensified to combat this issue. “If you look at the rough estimate, of the suicides reported this year, 23 have been Indian expatriates. There is a need of the hour to reach out to people who need our support, “ said Vice Chairman and ICRF –LIFE Coordinator Dr Babu Ramachandran said to Albilad.