More than 400 abandoned and scrap cars were confiscated and nearly 800 street vendors were banned between 2016 and 2018 in Salmabad area. These numbers came according to recent formal statistics reported by the Municipality of the Northern Region. The municipality stated that this was the result of its regular and sometimes sudden inspection campaigns against street vendors and abandoned and scrap cars in Salmabad area.

The Municipality pointed out that exploitation of street vendors for official holidays, as well as the municipality being busy with carrying out other inspection campaigns helped the return of this non-civilized phenomenon.

The Municipality stressed that Salmabad in particular, as an industrial area, comes on top of the municipality’s priorities in carrying out its inspection campaigns. In its annual plan, the municipality stated that Salmabad will witness a number of campaigns in the very near future to remove offending vendors and scrap cars.

The Municipality of the Northern Region stated that it welcomes all comments and complaints from citizens and residents by calling the 80070000 hotline or via the municipality’s official social media accounts.