The Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, HE Eng. Essam Khalaf on an inspectional visit to Saar main avenue.


The Minister of Works stated that Saar Avenue (2.4 km) is considered a vital road that serves the people of the northern governorate in general and the areas of Saar and Janabiya in particular, where they witness an obvious development, adding that the Ministry of Works began since 30 September the implementation of the development.


20% of the project was completed so far, and the construction of a rainwater drainage network and the transfer and protection of land service lines are underway.


The project is fundamentally designed for transforming Saar Avenue from single lane avenue to double lanes in both directions with a width of 3.5 meters per track, besides developing all intersections on the avenue organized by a number of traffic light signals.


The project also includes building up a number of public transport stations in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, and the development of signs and traffic signs regulatory and warning necessary to achieve the safety required on the street.


In conclusion, The ministry aims to improve the traffic flow, improve traffic safety, regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, and increase the capacity of the street by about the double. Saar Avenue accommodates about 4000 vehicles per hour. It is planned, that after the completion of the development, Standby time estimated time for vehicles will be  60%.