Chief Executive of the National Communication Centre (NCC), Ahmed Mohammed Al-Mannai, today signed the "News Agencies Tolerance Charter" which was issued by the representatives of news agencies participating in the World Government Summit 2019, (WGS), hosted by the UAE on February 10-12.

The participants in the summit asserted that the signing of the "News Agencies Tolerance Charter" was in line with their recognition of the importance of the themes of the WGS, and the need to raise global awareness on them, as well as with their belief in the importance and role of the media message.

The signing was also in recognition of their responsibilities and duties towards society and its institutions and individuals, they added.

The Charter emphasises the paramount importance of WGS 2019, and the main themes on its agenda.

The Charter highlighted the importance of promoting the tolerance principles to achieve peaceful co-existence among peoples regardless of their differences, achieve sustainable development, and contribute to building tolerance among communities, based on the cultural and religious tolerance principles.

Under the Charter, the signatories shall exchange news, images, video footage or any relevant materials related to the issue of tolerance.

The Charter also aims to consolidate tolerance-related media content, and to highlight global success stories in serving humanity through the positive impact of tolerance in protecting peoples against hatred, fanaticism and terrorism.