The dead body of a 22-year-old Asian girl, which was found yesterday at the sea near Bahrain Bay, turned to be a suicidal incident, stated official reports. Official investigations showed that the Bahrain University student, Prabha Subramaniyan, committed suicide by throwing herself from the top of a bridge in the Bahrain Financial Harbour in the weekend.

Reports also stated that this was not her first suicidal attempt. She previously tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. The girl is thought to be suffering from severe depression. 

Details, according to investigations, indicated that the girl was officially reported missing by her family. Search process, by concerned authorities, did not last long to find her body in Bahrain Bay yesterday. The Interior Ministry has announced yesterday that a dead body of a 22-year-old Asian girl was found at the sea in Bahrain Bay, northern of Manama. The Ministry stated that official procedures have been taken and an investigation was initiated into the incident.