The General Directorate of Civil Defense along with BAPCO’s Fire Team managed to put out a fire that broke out in BAPCO’s Oil tanks last night in Maameer area.

The General Directorate of Civil Defense did not reveal any information in this regard. It just stated that fire took hours to be controlled.

Reliable sources told Albilad newspaper that the fire occurred at around 6:30pm in an empty tank that was under maintenance.

“The tank is used for untreated water that contains some flammable materials. They assured that because of a leakage of these flammable materials that was exposed to air, a limited fire broke out and was controlled after an hour,” they added.

“A second fire, that was bigger, broke out at around 8pm. It was totally controlled at around 12 midnight by the Civil Defense and the BAPCO’s fire team,” they pointed out.

“The fire team is still at the site for the purpose of cooling tanks as a recessionary procedure of any emergency,” they concluded.

It worth mentioning that the concerned company, BAPCO, has not yet issued any official statement about the incident.