The Court of Cassation upheld today the death sentence handed down to the killer of the Imam of Bin Shaddah Mosque. The suspect had earlier been referred by the Public Prosecution for trial on charges of premeditated murder, hiding evidences related to the crime and hiding the body after violating its sanctity.

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation following a notification on finding the body cut into pieces inside plastic bags in Al Mazra area near a scrap yard. Examination, investigations and technical reports confirmed that the body was of the Imam of Bin Shaddah Mosque who had been killed and cut into pieces by the Muezzin (caller for prayer).

The Public Prosecution referred the Muezzin for criminal trial after all evidences, including the suspects' and eyewitnesses' testimonies as well as medical, forensic and technical reports, confirmed the accusations.

The High Criminal Court heard the case in the presence of the suspect's lawyer and sentenced unanimously the suspect to death.

The suspect challenged the verdict before the Court of Appeals and then the Court of Cassation which upheld the death sentence.