The Ministry of Health announced that it will again launch the “Select Family Physician” program on 17th of February. Officials stated that registration for the program, which enables each family to choose a doctor, will last for six weeks. The Ministry has earlier initiated the program, in January 21, 2018, by at the Alai Health Center.

Assistant Undersecretary of Primary Health at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Manal Al-Alawi, said that this step comes in line with the activation of the National Health Plan (2016-2025) in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“National Health Plan aims at developing the institutional structure of the health system, which is characterized by competitiveness and high quality for citizens and residents,” she assured.

The program aims to create a relationship between the doctor and the family in line with the international standards of treatment in primary health institutions. Thus improving the quality of the services provided by enabling the family doctor to follow his patients directly and continuously.

Dr. Al-Alawi added that the health centers will be set up to implement the self-management project as part of the "My Health” program, which was one of the objectives of the National Health Plan in cooperation with partners in the areas.

“Families can visit their health centers personally to register or electronically by visiting the Ministry’s website ( and then follow instructions and steps to activate the service. A number of volunteers of these areas will be at the health centers to help residents in the registration process,” she added.