Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for International Affairs, Dr. Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa led the delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the meeting of the Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA) on political and security frameworks.

The Undersecretary’s participation came at the invitation of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs, Tim A. Lenderking, US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Middle East Affairs, Mike Melroy, and Deputy, Director Politico-Military Affairs, Middle East, Brigadier General Benedict.

The delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain is made up of representatives of the Bahrain Defense Force and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting comes in the context of ongoing efforts to establish a strategic alliance in the Middle East region to promote prosperity, stability and regional security.

The meeting kick-started with welcoming words by Tim Lenderking, Mike Melroy and Brigadier General Scott Benedict.

For his part, Dr. Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa stressed in a statement at the meeting the importance of the strategic alliance for the Middle East to ensure security and stability in the region and affirmed the commitment of the Kingdom of Bahrain to actively participating in the alliance to achieve its desired objectives, hailing the efforts made by the US government in making security and stability prevail in the region.

He commended the growing Bahraini-US partnership and the strong ties between the two friendly countries, based on an integrated system of cooperation in various political, economic, military, security and cultural areas.

“Last month a high-level meeting of the strategic alliance was held on the role of cooperation for development in enhancing regional security paths and today, the political and security frameworks of the alliance are being discussed with the aim of guaranteeing security and stability.”, Shaikh noted.

He added that MESA aims to combat terrorism in all its forms and dry out its sources of financing for better freedom of navigation and maritime security, and to counter interventions and practices contrary to the norms of international law.

He affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain is an active partner in the fight against terrorism, as it has suffered from terrorism directed from abroad and adamantly supports the comprehensive fight against extremism and terrorism in terms of thought, behavior, support, funding and shelter.

He stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain is on the same page with the United States in terms of position and strategy towards Iran in order to address the latter’s threats that undermine the security and stability of a number of countries in the region and pose hazards through nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

 He said the Kingdom of Bahrain is looking forward to establishing a comprehensive strategic institutional framework and effective partnerships that will reinforce security and development and contribute to the shaping a more prosperous future for the peoples of the countries of the region and is fully aware of the importance of alliances to maintain regional security.

“Our constants are in accordance with our vision - there is no security without development, and development cannot continue, flourish or bear fruit without real and lasting security.”

Dr. Shaikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa stressed that achieving stable security and sustainable development for the countries of the region is a collective responsibility that requires coordination and cooperation among the responsible states which recognize the dangers of the current stage and are aware of the stability requirements in this strategic region of the world.